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Bump Photography

stockport pregnancy photography and baby bump services

Pregnant? Wow, you really do look amazing!

As a specialist in pregnancy portraits, we strive to push boundaries to create stunningly beautiful images for you and your family to treasure. In our opinion, the female pregnant shape is simply beautiful, nothing less; now is the time to celebrate it with one of our pregnancy photo shoots which are all done in your home or on location outdoors!

Your shoot is a unique opportunity to create images that will mean so much more as time goes by. Enjoy them as a beautiful piece of art on your wall, or admire your album in private. Imagine pointing out to the toddler snuggling up to you that it is them inside Mummy’s tummy in the picture! Whichever option you choose, you’ll be so pleased you had the foresight to have a pregnancy photo shoot.

Capture your childrens special moments!

As a continuation of our specialist pregnancy portraits offerings, we complement this by covering your children, from days old babies through to strong willed teenagers, we cover it all. As all our other options, all are done in your home or on location outdoors!

Please feel free to give us a call and discuss your photo requirements. We have first hand experience from behind and also in front of the lens, with a wide variety of children and locations, and can completely set your mind at rest.

When to book

Call us at anytime; some ladies are showing very early in pregnancy and wish to capture that moment, others don’t really show until close to their due date. Ideally when you reach around 20 weeks we shall put a date in the calendar to book it out for you – we can always re-schedule if necessary but book early to avoid disappointment.

The prime time to photograph your bump is around 30-34 weeks (26-28 weeks if expecting twins). If you are past these dates then no fear, we can accommodate you!

Your photo shoot

A typical photo shoot will last approximately two hours, with the images available for viewing within a week (depending on studio bookings). We encourage you to do some searching around for existing pregnancy photos to get ideas as to what you would love yourself but also what would not work for you. Think about what clothes you would like to wear (or not wear), semi nude, nude etc We have a wide range of options to choose from and can also provide an array of beautifully framed prints or canvases.

For pregnancy portraits, this may be the first time you have posed nude or semi nude. As you can see from the gallery all photographs of your pregnancy will be taken as discreetly as possible but how your shoot is led is down to you. We do suggest wearing loose clothing prior to the shoot (to avoid clothing lines on the body, avoiding tight underclothing if possible. Hair and make-up is down to your own personal preference on the day. Don’t worry about stretch marks or blemishes, as these can be altered digitally if you want us to.

Take the opportunity to capture a wondrous stage of you and your baby’s life. Your gorgeous bump deserves it!