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About Us

Who are we?

We have been photographing for over 15 years now and got to say what was a very satisfying hobby and is now an even more rewarding profession. We have a very relaxed approach to taking our pictures and do not like to rush nor put our subjects into situations they are not comfortable with.

As a result, our photographs are very relaxed and spontaneous, showing people and situations as they are in real life but capturing their beauty.

Our Photography Philosophy

Our strap-line is simple, Capture the Moment. That moment can happen at any time and only appears when all the pieces work well together, that is photographer, surroundings and most importantly you.

A little about us

Married to Sharon in October 2008, Simon Steed has always had a keen interest in photography since an early age. He recalls back in the 1970′s using his parents Lordoma 35mm SLR which was very expensive in it’s day but cutting edge at the time. He eventually broke it when the shutter mechanism jammed but never owned up to it!

Later in life, he progressed through the ranks as an amateur photographer, eventually settling on Canon EOS kit (used since the early 1990′s).

Sharon now accompanies Simon to a lot of the jobs as a second photographer, especially where a fresh perspective maybe required or simply to provide an extra pair of hands.

She also handles all the pre and post communications with clients, bids for new work and of course chases up payment and our course makes Simon lots of brews when he is in post editing

I thought your name was Simon Antony, not Simon Steed?

Ok well Simon's name is Simon Antony Steed hence Simon Antony Photography – we took the first two names as it just sounded so much better.