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Canvas Prints

Canvas and acrylic prints in Stockport

Example Canvas Usage

More and more people are getting excited about canvas photos. Because printing on real canvas is the most personal and precious to treasure great memories and beautiful photos. Whether family, wedding, holidays or as a gift for a person you like – a canvas photo is always a well-liked gift.

Our canvas photos are photos printed onto a large canvas surface. The canvas is carefully stretched onto a wooden frame, resulting in a finished image that the customer can hang up as a decoration like a painting.

Unlike copies or prints on ordinary paper, the fine structure of the canvas lends a certain feeling of depth, making the original photo appear more imposing and high class, giving it that “designer touch. The depth of the frame helps to enhance this feeling.

Canvas production quality

The wooden frames are made of select wood, bound together by several layers of adhesive, delivered by the highest quality sources in Scandinavia and thoroughly examined by our experts.

Canvas Edges

We use industry printers from Hewlett Packard® as technological basis, with which we process only high-pigmented high-end printing colours for brilliant, photo-realistic images (Thermal Colour Print).

Frames more than 80cm in length are supported as standard by a wooden raster for stability and to prevent warping.

A moment immortalised becomes a personal work of art. For available sizes and prices, please view our prices page